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Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind With Bike Fixers

We Come To You

We come to you, at your home or your office so you don’t have to take your bike anywhere. if you get stranded out on a ride give us a call – we might be able to help!

No Down Time

We service your bike in our professionally fitted out vans at your work or home – a basic service can be competed in approx 2 hours.

Professional Tools

We only use the best tools, cleaners and oils on your bike, giving your pride of joy the best possible service.

Reliable Service

We have 10 Years of experience working with bikes and many happy customers. We don’t have to take your bike anywhere and it’s all done in one appointment.

We Have Service Plans To Suit Every Bike Service Requirement



Bike: bike and all components cleaned and degreased
Brakes: checked and adjusted
Drivetrain: gears adjusted
Chain: Cleaned and checked for wear
Bottom Bracket: Checked for wear, play and adjusted
Headset: Checked for play and adjusted
Tyres: Checked for wear, damage and pressure
Frame: Checked for alignment, fractures and wear
Handlebar Assembly: Check torque settings for handle bars, stem and shifters
Suspension: Checked for correct pressure and seals wear
Wheels: Checked for trueness and play




As standard service, plus additional:

Bike: Full strip down, clean, degrease of all transmission parts
Brakes: Stripped down, cleaned and readjusted. Rotor truing, hose integrity and bleed if needed
Frame: checked for alignment and fractures and where appropriate suspension bushings and frame bearings checked, torque setting on frame bolts checked
Headset: Full strip down, re-grease, bearing check and rebuild
Suspension: checked for correct pressure and seal wear
Wheels: Strip down of hubs, re-greased and bearings checked for wear, spoke tension checked and wheels realigned
Cables: Inner cables are free of charge
Bolts: Check and tighten including crank bolts and pedals




We have a vast range of quality accessories that we can supply and fit to your bike.

Ask us for what you need and we will find something to suit your budget, if we are servicing your bike there is usually no charge for fitting.

Here are a few accessories we can supply with prices from

Bottles £3.99
Bottle Cages £5.49
Bike Carriers £71.99
Child Seats £42.99
Computers £8.99
Floor Pumps £10.99
Helmets (Childs) £15.99 (Adults) £19.99
Kick Stands £7.99
Lights (Set) £15.99
Locks £13.99
Luggage Racks £14.99
Mudguards (Set) £16.99
Pumps £5.99
Saddle Covers (Gel) £15.99
Stabilisers £13.99
Tubes £5.00
Tyres £14.99